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Boxing Workouts at Home


Boxing gloves and speed ball

Boxing is said to be one of the toughest sorts out there, alone in the ring going toe to toe with your opponent, boxing is a sport that requires high levels of fitness. So let's get you fit like a pro! Whether you want to get fit for boxing or want to train like a boxer, these home boxing workouts will get you started. Before you start here’s a few things you may need, a punch bag, jump rope, medicine ball, chin up bar, dumbbells and a kettlebell.


Home Boxing Workout 1


This workout is great for improving you muscular endurance, stamina and core strength.

What you need: punching bag, jump rope, medicine ball, weight for squats.


Format: see workout.

Rest: rest when you need a break during the session.


The workout


Warm up with 500 skips 30 squats, 30 press ups and 30 sit ups in any order.


Main workout;10 minutes of


20 Press Ups

20 Med Ball Sit Ups

20 Burpees

20 Weighted Squats

Keep repeating until the 10 minutes is up - rest during the 10 minutes when you need to and continue when you feel ready.



100 Skips/ Jump Rope

200 punches on bag or shadow boxing with hand weights

Rest 1 minute and repeat cardio section 3 times


Core – with or without med ball


Sit Ups x 20 reps

Russian Twists x 20 reps

Back Extensions x 20 reps

Plank x failure

Repeat as many rounds as you wish



Home Boxing Workout 2 - The Pyramid Workout


Here’s a boxing workout you can do at home with minimal equipment, it’s a high intensity workout. You work up in reps and then drop down again, its hard but you can do it. break the reps down if you need to, only rest when you need to. Give it a try.


What you need:  skipping rope and punch bag

Format: see workout.

Rest: no rest allocated simply rest when you need to.


The workout


Start with a warm up – jog or skip for 10 minutes followed by stretches and foam rolling if you have a foam roller.


Main Session


50 Burpees

100 Press Ups

200 Punches

300 Jump Rope/ Skips

200 Punches

100 Press Ups

50 Burpees


If this workout inst hard enough then try harder, go faster and beat your time. To make the session longer simply incorporate some core work or a run.



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