Boxing Drills

To be great at boxing one has to be able to box. These boxing drills are designed to help you improve your boxing skills. Whether you're new to boxing not you'll find some fun and challenging drills here.

How to improve your boxing speed with the speed bag


If you are wondering how to improve your boxing speed for faster hands to eat your opponent then fear no more as the solution is here in the form of the speed bag. The speed bag is one of the simplest solutions to increase boxing speed. The speed bag can be a friend or a … Read more

Boxing Drills For Beginners


Now you’ve learnt how to throw a punch using our how to punch post it’s time for some boxing drills for beginners to help you master those new found skills.   The first boxing drill has an element of fitness involved so it’s not just pad work. It’s more about how you work when tired.  … Read more

How To Punch – The Four Basic Punches


Before you even throw your first punch, you need to know how to punch right?! Punching is a skill and there is skill involved in coordinating each punch you throw.    Here we have outlined four of the basic boxing punches including the jab, Cross, Uppercut and Hook shot that you need to learn like … Read more

how to throw a left hook

How To Throw A Killer Left Hook


Knockout hook with Freddie Roach Listen up, Freddie Roach is about to teach all of us how to throw a left hook. Who is he you may ask? He is possibly one of the worlds best boxing coaches and was also a professional boxer himself. he has coaches Manny Pacquiao and Oscar De La Hoya … Read more