Boxing Fitness Routines

Being a great boxer requires time spent on the pads but also in the gym. If you want to get better at boxing you need to focus some of your time on strength work. Get into great shape with these new and old style workouts designed for boxers.

Ab Workouts For Boxers


Boxers are known for their extremely strong core muscles. Blow after blow when you or I would be lying on the floor gasping for air, they continue to stand and fight. Strong abs, oblique’s and lower back muscles is what you need. Before you start remember that it’s all about technique, some of the guys … Read more

Full Body Home Boxing Workout


Here’s a full body home boxing workout you can do at home with minimal equipment. It’s a high intensity workout. You work up in reps and then drop down again, its hard but you can do it. break the reps down if you need to, only rest when you need to. Give it a try. … Read more

Home Boxing Workout


Boxing is said to be one of the toughest sorts out there, alone in the ring going toe to toe with your opponent, boxing is a sport that requires high levels of fitness. So let’s get you fit like a pro! Whether you want to get fit for boxing or want to train like a … Read more

Bodyweight Boxing Circuit Training Workout You Can Do Anywhere


It’s not all about punching each other in the head until one doesn’t get up or the ref throws in the towel, no these are elite athlete that train to be the best at what they do. Everyone knows how extremely fit boxers are and it’s through hard work and dedication that they get to … Read more