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I  know what it's like trying to plan a new workout every week, the stress the night before wondering what you did last week, did it work? Can I get away with doing it again. Maybe you just need some new inspiration to help you find your creative planning again.


When I first started delivering Boxercise Classes I was thrown in the deep end. I come from a personal training background and I didn't have much boxing training, only that what I'd learnt doing padwork with clients and time I spent at a boxing club. My employers were to put me on a course but until then they needed me to deliver classes. So I needed to get planning. I tried many class formats, drills and searched online for ideas. I didn't find much back then so I experimented and found what worked. My classes grew in popularity and soon I was running at full capacity even before I'd been put on my Boxercise training course.


I've shared  couple of my routines as you've probably already seen on this site but there are many more. More that I'm about to share with you. If like me you like to excite your class members then this is a great chance to do that. I've created a unique system that allows you to easily mix and match elements of your boxing fitness class to create many different routines for your classes.


There's FOUR elements with FIVE workouts or drills in each, all with specific times to help you plan and design your workouts to suit your sessions. In theory you have FIVE FULL Boxing Fitness Class Routines, done for you, with the possibility of hundreds of combinations when all four elements are mixed and matched.


Add in the 2 free routines on the site and you have a minimum of SEVEN done for you workouts that you can cycle on a 7 week plan. By the time your clients have got back to session one after seven weeks they'll most likely have forgotten most of the workout you delivered all those weeks ago. If you've mixed and matched who knows how many sessions you can create and roll through.

Here's What You'll Get:

When you purchase these Boxing Fitness Class Routines you'll get all FOUR elements of my unique class training plan including.

1. Boxing Drills

Designed to involve plenty of padwork with elements of fitness to teach your clients how to box, have fun and get fit.

2. Fitness Workouts

Circuit and HIIT style workouts specific to boxing and all bodyweight so you do not need any special equipment. You're clients will be the fittest they've ever been.

3. Padwork Finishers

These are short killer boxing drills designed to quickly finish off your clients so they feel like they've had an awesome workout.

4. Abdominal Workouts

Short and simple ab workouts to finish off the class.

Like I said you'll be able to mix and match all FOUR elements of the class routines to create many workouts you can cycle through with your boxing fitness class members. A lot of time and effort went into these plans, they are tried and tested by my beloved clients who love each and every one of them and today they will help you motivate and excite your own class members.


All this can be yours for the discounted price of ONLY £9 all you need to do is hit the BUY NOW button below and they will be ready for download.

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You'll be protected by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you try these class routines and your class doesn't like them, get fitter or you don't find yourself enjoying the sessions for any reason, I'll give you your money back.

Try it for a full 60 days and see how you get on, if you strongly don't enjoy its benefits or the class then it's cool, I'll give you a full refund.

NOTE - No refunds will be given for mistaking these books for hardcover copies. They are digital books available for your phone, computer, tablet, or laptop! 



How long is each session plan?

Each session plan is designed around a 60 minute class but can be easily adapted by removing some elements if your sessions are shorter.

What equipment is used in the plans?

The only equipment you'll need is a set of pads and gloves for the class plus skipping ropes to complete the routines in this plan.

Is there a guarantee?

There certainly is! If after 60 days you or your class are not satisfied with the routines just drop me an email on