Boxing Drills For Beginners

Now you've learnt how to throw a punch using our how to punch post it's time for some boxing drills for beginners to help you master those new found skills.


The first boxing drill has an element of fitness involved so it's not just pad work. It's more about how you work when tired. 


Before you get started get an interval timer ready and then set it for 1 minute on: 1 minute off and then glove up. With a partner or bag you will throw a series of punches until the 1st minute sounds. You will then do some exercises stated below and then continue to throw punches until the 2nd minute sounds. You will do this for 3 minutes and then swap with your partner or rest 30 seconds and repeat. Try to mix up the punches thrown and practice the shots that you're not as good at yet. 

Boxing Drill 1

Padwork or Bagwork for 3 minutes


On the sound of 1st minute – 10 Press Ups

On the sound of 2nd minute – 10 Burpees

On the sound of 3rd minute do – 10 Squats


Aim for a minimum of 5 round of 3 minutes with a 30-60 break between rounds. This boxing drill can be adapted by changing the time spent punching and by changing the exercises and reps. give it ago, experiment.

boxing drills for beginners

Boxing Drill 2

Our second drill can be done with a partner or alone with a bag. Failing that there's always you, yourself and you and a bit of space to work within. 


Most of us would agree that we think we could throw a good punch, right. But what about combinations, dodging punches, protecting your face, uppercuts and tight hooks, these are all perfected with practice and many will continue to strike jabs and crosses at a bag at full pelt because they want to show everyone that they are worth fearing, they are manly! This boxing drill will help you develop the skills to put together random punches with slips and rolls in quick succession.


You’ll need a bag or partner for this boxing drill. This is also a good drill for boxing fitness.


Here you need to write down a selection of punches that you can do and then tear or cut them into slips and fold them so you can’t see them. For example write down "Jab"


Here’s a list of punches/ moves to write down;

• Jab

• Cross/straight

• Hook

• Uppercut

• Roll

• Slip

boxing drills for beginners 2
combo drill 1

Now all you have to do is select 3-8 random pieces of paper with the punches on, put them in random order and there you have a boxing combo for you to do. Walk through the combo until you have it mastered and then set a timer for 60 seconds depending on how long you want to train. Now practice the combo you have just learnt. You can do this as many times you want with new combos to make your session longer. 


Do this drill for up to 20 minutes or so. 


Remember the more you train the better the boxer you will be and the fitter you will get. Keep up the hard work.