How To Throw A Killer Left Hook

Knockout hook with Freddie Roach

Listen up, Freddie Roach is about to teach all of us how to throw a left hook. Who is he you may ask? He is possibly one of the worlds best boxing coaches and was also a professional boxer himself. he has coaches Manny Pacquiao and Oscar De La Hoya so take note. 


Just like any sport, in boxing your aim is to win. What’s better than winning by knockout, right. The hook is one punch that when executed successfully will knock your opponent out in a blink of an eye, lights out, boom! He'll drop to the floor like a sack of potatoes, the crowd goes wild and you win (as long as he’s out for the count)!


We found this video where Freddie Roach shows you how to deliver the left hook, check it out below.

Notice how he pivots on his lead foot once the hook is thrown, the power comes from driving the hips round. Work on that pivot and keeping your elbow up, not forgetting to follow through with your elbow.

Be careful and chose this shot wisely, thrown out of time and you can leave yourself vulnerable to your opponent as follow up punch options can be limited once your committed to the hook to the chin.

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