Home Boxing Essentials

Home Boxing Essentials


To be as fit as a boxer you must train like a boxer. So what do you need to workout at home? Here is everything you need to train like a boxer at home.


1. Punch bag

Padwork is going to be your new hobby. Your about to spend hours punching that bag like you're Rocky. You have a couple of options here, free standing or wall mounted. If you have the funds you can buy high quality freestanding punch bags with a heavy base to stop it from falling too easily, if you’re on a budget you can still get your hands on a decent free standing bag but you run the risk of breaking the flimsy bases.


A wall mounted punch bag might be for you if you have space in a garage, garden or personal gym. With a good strong heavy duty wall fixing you should go for a high quality bag that is long lasting and all weather.


2. Gloves and Wraps


Gloves are usually weighted depending on your body weight so look out for this when purchasing gloves.


Weight in lbs and Glove Weight


120lbs & down (12oz or 14oz)

120lbs – 150lbs (14oz – 16oz)

150lbs – 180lbs (16oz – 20oz)

180lbs & up (18oz & up)


Gloves come in many designs so have a look and see what ones you like the look of as it’s just going to be you and your punch bag going toe-toe.


Wraps support your wrists as punching can cause wrist strains on impact. It can take some practise putting on these wraps so head over to YouTube.com and take a look at some videos on how to put on boxing wraps. You can also buy gloves to go under your boxing gloves which might be easier than getting wraps.


3. Skipping Rope

You’ll need a rope in your home gym for sure. There are many ropes available and it will be one of the least expensive pieces of boxing kit you’ll buy. You should go for a speed rope and a standard rope as both serve different purposes. The speed rope will be good for double unders and speed work while a stand jump rope is better for endurance and skills.


4. Weights


You’ll need to build some muscular endurance so get some weights such as dumbbells, kettlebell, and medicine balls to add to your boxing kit. The medicine ball will be good for power and core work while the free weights will help build muscle and endurance.



5. Interval Timer

A round of boxing lasts 3 minutes with a 30 seconds interval, a lot of training drills and workouts here on this site use a timer so this is a worth while piece of equipment to invest in. after all you'll need to know if you'll be able to last 3 minutes in a ring right. There are many to chose form, you can get some great mini interval timers that clip onto your shorts such as the GYM BOSS interval timer  or you can get a desk top timer if you prefer to see the time go by. not forgetting that you can get Apps on your smart phones and tablets.




6. Attire


Dress like a boxer, feel like a boxer, train like a boxer. It’s all about how you feel. Get yourself some boxing boots or trainers (high top/low top) so you can be light on your feet. The boxing boots will offer you ankle support when you’re dancing around the bag and doing your fancy footwork.


Boxing shorts and vest or t-shirt to complete the outfit will suffice. Now to get training!