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It's not all about punching each other in the head until one doesn't get up or the ref throws in the towel, no these are elite athlete that train to be the best at what they do. Everyone knows how extremely fit boxers are and it’s through hard work and dedication that they get to where they are.


Anyone can box but to be good takes skill, time and dedication. Want to be fit like a boxer and train like a boxer, no problem!  Here’s a couple of great boxing workouts for you to do at home or at the gym, which will include a bodyweight only boxing workout with the use of just a jump rope and a boxing circuit incorporating free weights


Once you've got the hang of things why not find your local boxing club and go and perfect your new talent, too much? There must be a boxercise class at your gym to show off your new moves.



Boxing Circuit Training Workout 1


This workout is great for improving you muscular endurance, stamina and core strength, integrating the element of cardiovascular endurance between each strengthening exercise.


What You Need: jump rope (if you don’t have one do star jumps instead of skipping)


Format: Circuit Fashion; follow the order of exercises – 1 minute per exercise – repeat 2-4 rounds


Rest: if you are new to boxing training or exercise then take 30 seconds between exercises, the fitter you are the less rest you should have. Your aim is to be able to complete the workout without rest between exercises. Treat the skipping as your rest.



Boxing circuit training workout including; burpees, skipping, press upps and squats.          




Boxing Circuit Training Workout 2 - CrossFit Style


This boxing workout is more focused on strength endurance and building up a tolerance to pain! You’ll find it hard to find a better workout.


What you need: Kettlebell, Barbell, Dumbbell, and Jump Rope


Format: 2 mini Circuits Fashion; follow the order of exercises


Rest: rest when you need to, the aim is to complete the 3 rounds of exercise in the quickest time possible. You may choose to rest once you complete the 100 skips before starting the circuit again.


Weighted boxing circuit training workout for gym or home.        



So there you go, 2 great boxing circuit train workouts for you to do at the gym or at home.


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