Carl Froch Boxing Workout Routine

Carl Froch Workout Regime


The rematch of Carl Froch vs George Groves in May 2014 has been declared the biggest grossing fight on British soil with Froch taking home £8 million of the prize money after an 8th round sweet right handed knock out blow to Groves.


Froch is said to be one of kind in his class, he only fights the best and won't waste his time fighting "easy fights". He's currently lining up a fight against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in Las Vegas, however recent news speculations say if this fight falls through the 37 year old could retire. He would like to end his career on a high and the man who only wants to fight strong opponents says he doesn't know if he could get motivated to train if he had to fight a lesser opponent to end his career.


But what you want to know is how the man who holds the IBF and WBA super-middleweight champion trains to get in shape for his big fights. If you want to be as fit as Froch or want a body like his then follow his workout plan below.

picture of Carl Froch Boxer


Froch emphasizes the need to work as hard out of the ring as he does in it. He is a believer that as fighters are placed according to weight you should avoid too much bulking exercises and use calisthenics and volume for strength endurance.


His workouts tend to stick to the basics of press ups, sit ups, pull ups, dips and cardio work such as track sprints, hill runs and skipping. He runs an impressive 6 miles in 35 minutes.  That's only about 10 minutes off the world record for the 10km!


Carl Froch boxing workout

A warm up of running or skipping should be completed before doing the workout below.


Press up circuit

Press ups work the muscles that are used to generate strong powerful lunches, this circuit works on speed, power and strength endurance. Working your anterior deltoid, pectorals, and triceps muscles. He also does finger press ups to strengthen the ligaments in his fingers!


He says during his light workouts he works in a pyramid staring at 59 reps and dropping by 10 reps per exercise.


Wide grip press ups x 50 reps

Fist press ups x 40 reps

Finger press ups x 30 reps

Clap press ups x 20 reps


Notes from us at Rest between exercises for 30-60 seconds. If you can do the clap or finger press ups drop to your knees and try this adaptation. If y can't hit the rep range go to failure on each exercise.


Sit up circuit

If you want a rock solid six pack like Carl Froch then follow this workout. Every part of the abs are targeted in this 4 exercise an routine. 


Full sit ups x 40

Crunches x 30

Ab cycle x 20

Half sit ups (top half)  x 10


Notes from us: 30-60 seconds rest between sets if you need them. Repeat the circuit if you can 2-3 time.


Pull ups

Froch does overhand pull ups to target his back and biceps. Froch says he does 4 sets of 25 reps or to failure during intense workouts.


Notes from us: not everyone can do 25 pull ups in one hit so start with 4 sets of 10, if this is too easy or still too hard do 4 sets till failure. Rest 60-90 seconds between sets.


Tricep Dips

Froch does 2 sets isolating his triceps followed by 2 sets leaning forward to engage his chest. He does 2 sets of 25 reps for both.


Notes from us: we recommend you try 4 sets of 10-15 or failure until you can match frock's strength endurance.


Froch displays great muscular endurance, see how you fair and try his workout. Remember to include some hill sprints, track sprints, skipping and distance running to keep your stamina high.


Enjoy the workout and come back for more or check out our boxing circuits and abs workouts.