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Boxercise is an increasingly popular class that combines boxing with fitness. A general conditioning class with plenty of fun elements of boxing. Here is a couple of tried and tested boxercise routines that focus more on the fitness element of boxercise. Take a look.



Boxercise Class Routine 1


What do you need: jump ropes, gloves and pads.


Warm up – Skipping Game


Time: 10-15 minutes


This is a fun skipping game where participants show off their skills. Everyone positions themselves in a circle so everyone can see one another, inform them all to skip casually for 5 minutes as a pre warm up to the game and to make sure everyone has arrived at the class. Now they are warm you select one person to do a skipping routine of their choice, i.e. 10 single leg skips and then a double to finish. Then everyone in the group copies the skipping routine, if anyone gets it wrong or can’t complete it on their first attempt them they must do a forfeit determined by you the instructor. Forfeits need to be short as not to be time consuming, so 10 squats or 5 burpees. The next person in the circle now completes their own skill/ routine for the group to copy. If everyone can do the routine then the person who set that routine does the forfeit.


Notes: if the group is large this game can take some time so consider splitting the group up.


Padwork Drill


Time: 15 minutes – 3 minutes per partner 2 combinations 30 second swap over.


This simple yet effective padwork drill will help your class improve their accuracy and technique.

Split the group into pairs, one with gloves and the other with pads. Assuming everyone knows what a jab, cross, uppercut, hock and feint is start off with a short combination to get them moving and then add to it to make it difficult. You can use any combination of punches for your boxercise class. Here’s a list of simple possibilities;


• Jab, Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut

• Jab, Cross, Jab, Jab, Feint Left, Left Hook, Right Hook


Fitness Element


Time: 10-15 minutes


Here’s a great boxing drill that will make or break your class. This boxercise drill works on developing their fitness for boxing. It’s essentially a pyramid set without any rest; treat it as a race to add a competitive edge.


Step 1 - Line participants up in their pairs in the middle of the room facing each other both with gloves on.


Step 2 - They each throw 10 punches turn, and run to the end of the room, touch the wall and run back to the middle to compete 10 burpees.


Step 3 - They then do 20 punches, run to the wall and back and do 10 burpees and 10 squats.


Step 4 – Then 30 punches, run to the wall and back and complete 10 burpees, 10 squats and 10 sit ups.


Step 5 – Now they work down from 30 -10 starting with 20 punches, run, 10 squats and 10 sit ups.


Step 6 – 10 punches, run, 10 sit ups.




Core Abs


Time: 5-10 minutes


Let’s get everyone involved, go round the group and ask each person to select a floor exercise for their core/ abs/ lower back. Leading by example, you should start with the first exercise, such as crunches, the group copies for however many reps you like to perform. Then you ask the next person to share their exercise and so on.  If someone can’t think of an exercise simply chose one for them to avoid any embarrassment and to keep the class flowing. What’s great about this core routine is that you control the intensity by setting the reps and rest between each exercise.


Cool Down


Time: 5 minutes


Following the abs work go through the usual stretches from head to toe holding each stretch for 30 seconds.


Thank the class for coming and that’s it!




Boxercise Class 2


Equipment needed: jump rope, pads and gloves.


Warm Up


Time: 5 minutes


Run around the room; incorporate some high knees, air punches and lunges etc.


Tag Game


Time: 5 minutes


The Tag Game is a fun boxing warm up which will work on your groups footwork. Line the group up in pairs in the center of the room. In the boxing stance the aim of the game is to tap your opponent’s knee while protecting yours. They can only move backwards and forwards and not side to side during this drill.


Time each bout for about 30 seconds before moving one line over so everyone now has a new opponent.



Pads Tabata


Time: 10 minutes


Make sure that everyone has a partner, one with pads and the other with gloves. This is Tabata 20 seconds of maximal effort followed by 10 seconds rest for 4 minutes.


You start off by instructing them to punch slowly for 10 seconds, then you shout “fast” and they punch as fast as they can for 20 seconds. You repeat this “slow” and “fast” sequence for 4 minutes and then the group swaps roles.


Emphasis that the aim is speed and not brute force during the “fast” phase. Treat the “slow” phase as a rest interval.



Boxing Circuit


Time: 16-18 minutes


Format: Circuit fashion in pairs, each station has 2 exercises. One person does one exercise while the other does the other exercise. This is important as there are 2 pad work stations where one partner will hold the pads for half the time. - 2 sets of 45 seconds per station – 15 seconds rest. For example 45 seconds of “burpees” rest 15 seconds, 45 seconds of “squats” rest 15 seconds, move to the next station. consider resting after 4 stations for 1 minute.



• Burpees and Squats

• Partner Pad Work

• Sit Ups and Plank

• Skipping / Jump Rope

• Press Ups and Triceps Dips on Step or Bench

• Partner Pad Work

• Lunges and Wall Sit

• Skipping/ Jump Rope



Fun Group Boxing Drill


Time: 10 minutes


Here's a fun boxing drill suited to groups, great for classes such as boxercise where you need to add a bit of variety to the class.


Step 1 – split the class into two. One set with gloves and the other with pads.


Step 2 – line up the group with pads against a wall or in a line next to each other. Line up the group with the gloves one behind each other like in the picture below.




Step 3 – instruct the group with pads to hold their pads up in whichever position the desire for example, for straight punches or uppercuts or combos.


Step 4 – the group with the gloves one at a time run to the first person in the line with pads and performs 10 punches before moving to the next and so on, the next person with gloves on goes as soon as the person in front has moved on and a gap has appeared for them to go.


Step 5 – once they reach the end of the line and there are no more pads to hit they must run around a cone that you can set out where you like and then they run back to the start position to complete the circuit.


Run through this 3 or 4 times before swapping the group over.




Time: 5 minutes


here's what you do, chose any 5 core abs exercises. then perform 30 seconds of each in a  circuit fashion one after the other for 2 rounds.



Cool Down


Time: 5 minutes


Stretch from head to toe holding each stretch for about 30 seconds.


Thank the class, see you next week.



Easy to follow plans ready to use. Just click the button below to find out more.

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