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Jab after jab and you’re still standing but your focused and ready to strike when the opportunity arises, you see your opponent is getting tired but you’re okay your just waiting for your time. Your fitness levels are higher than his, your smarter than him. The rounds go by and your opponent is starting to let his guard down, there’s and opening and you take it, jab, jab, cross, hook. You win by knock out.


You won because your fitness levels were higher than his and you were smarter than him. If you have ever watched a boxing match that went the full 12 rounds you’ll have noticed how tired the boxers get in the last 3 or 4 rounds. Most boxers will hope to win by knockout early on to save time and energy. But when they don’t win by knock out the fight may go the full 12 rounds, so boxers need to be ready otherwise their opponent will take advantage of their lack of fitness. This website has all you need to help you get in shape.

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Boxing Drills


If you want to improve your boxing technique and pad work then these boxing drills are for you. You will need access to a bag or a partner with pads. Boxing drills will help you develop your punches and combinations to make you a more technical fighter.


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Boxing Circuit Training


It's not all about punching each other in the head until one doesn't get up or the ref throws in the towel, no these are elite athlete that train to be the best at what they do. Everyone knows how extremely fit boxers are. View our home and gym boxing workouts.


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Boxing gloves and speed ball

Home Boxing Workouts


Boxing is said to be one of the toughest sorts out there, alone in the ring going toe to toe with your opponent, boxing is a sport that requires high levels of fitness. Anyone to become a boxer, so let's get you fit like a pro!



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Boxercise class

Boxercise Class Routines


Boxercise is an increasingly popular class that combines boxing with fitness. A general conditioning class with plenty of fun elements of boxing. Here is a couple of tried and tested boxercise routines that focus more on the fitness element of boxercise. Take a look.


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Abs Workouts for Boxing


Boxers are known for their extremely strong core muscles. Blow after blow when you or I would be lying on the floor gasping for air, they continue to stand and fight. Strong abs, oblique’s and lower back muscles is what you need.


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Home Boxing Essentials


To be as fit as a boxer you must train like a boxer. So what do you need to workout at home? Here is everything you need to train like a boxer at home from choosing the right gloves to interval timers and punch bags.


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Need Boxercise or BoxFit Class Routines?




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