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How to improve your boxing speed with the speed bag

If you are wondering how to improve your boxing speed for faster hands to eat your opponent then fear no more as the solution is here in the form of the speed bag. The speed bag is one of the simplest solutions to increase boxing speed. The speed bag can be a friend or a … Read more

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top 10 boxers of all time

Top 10 Boxers Of All Time

There are many who will dispute this list, according to the Telegraph here’s a list of the 10 best pound for pound boxers of all time. All we can say is that it must have been a close call between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jnr. and when will Klitschko make the list? 10. Sugar … Read more

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Carl Froch Boxing Workout Routine

Carl Froch Workout Regime   The rematch of Carl Froch vs George Groves in May 2014 has been declared the biggest grossing fight on British soil with Froch taking home £8 million of the prize money after an 8th round sweet right handed knock out blow to Groves.   Froch is said to be one … Read more

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Home Boxing Essentials

Home Boxing Essentials   To be as fit as a boxer you must train like a boxer. So what do you need to workout at home? Here is everything you need to train like a boxer at home.   1. Punch bag Padwork is going to be your new hobby. Your about to spend hours … Read more

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Ab Workouts For Boxers

Boxers are known for their extremely strong core muscles. Blow after blow when you or I would be lying on the floor gasping for air, they continue to stand and fight. Strong abs, oblique’s and lower back muscles is what you need. Before you start remember that it’s all about technique, some of the guys … Read more

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boxercise routine

Boxercise Routines

So you’re after boxercise routines, you are in luck! Boxercise is an increasingly popular class that combines boxing with fitness. A general conditioning class with plenty of fun elements of boxing. Here is a couple of tried and tested boxercise routines that focus more on the fitness element of boxercise. Take a look.   Boxercise … Read more

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Get Your Done For You Boxing Fitness Class Routines Designed To Get Your Class Buzzing!

Remove the Stress of Planning Your BOXING FITNESS CLASS ROUTINES with these FUN and DYNAMIC Mix and Match Session Plans Ideal for Boxercise or Boxfit style classes.